We are official dealer of Nielsen Kellerman for the European Union. Accordingly, we also offer repairs for NK products. By the way, we explain common problems right at the bottom of this page.

Please follow the procedure below:

  • Log in to your user account. (No guest account!)
  • On the overview page at the very bottom is the Nielsen Kellerman section. Click on the button there and you will be guided step by step through the registration process.
  • Afterwards you will receive a confirmation incl. shipping address.
  • We will get back to you. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for processing. Depending on that, your product will be shipped to America.

We register each product in an internal database, so we can always see when the corresponding product was sold. Was the NK product not sold through us? Check here when the device was produced.

Warranty periods

  • 5 years - Blue Ocean
  • 2 years - StrokeCoaches and SpeedCoaches
  • 2 years - Interval stopwatches
  • 2 years - Batteries and accessories


Battery discharges quickly - SpeedCoach GPS

The SpeedCoach GPS watches with the serial numbers 2300176 to 2363069 sometimes have problems with the battery life. Please check that you have at least version 2.21 installed. If the current version is lower, please install a software update first and check the functionality again. If there are still battery problems after that, please send the device in as described Above.