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Shimano (Fix Type) System

The Shimano Rowing Dynamics (SRD) foot stretcher system is comprised of two items: rowing shoes incorporating a binding system, highlighted by the ease of step in and step out; and a foot stretcher that fixes the shoes. Instead of sharing the shoes fixed to a boat, the SRD foot stretcher system enables every rower to use his or her own shoes.

In the Shimano Fix Type system, the shoes are flexible and firmly mounted on the foot stretcher.

Shimano (Swing Type) System

The Virtual Pivot Foot Stretcher is equipped with a Virtual Pivot mechanism that allows the foot stretcher to rotate to keep the feet at the optimum power transmission angle as the rower’s posture changes. This improves rowing movement efficiency and gives the rower revolutionary ease of motion. A binding between the Foot Stretcher and the Rowing Shoes completes the system. With this system crew members can use their own shoes ― gone is the necessity of sharing footwear. Further, the independent binding units on the right and left sides can be easily adjusted to change the stance. Another advantage of the Foot Stretcher is that it can be adjusted for installation in almost any boat regardless of manufacturer or type. 

In the Shimano (Swing Type) system, the shoes have a fixed sole made of carbon and are attached to the stretcher with swing arm unit.

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